Ripe Kitchen is there for everyone in the local community as well as all visitors to Primrose Hill. We aim to ensure there is an option for every individual and group, whatever their tastes and dietary needs.

We have focused on ensuring there are options available for:

The “all natural” customer:
Looking for foods that are free of additives, preservatives and chemicals.

The weight loss customer:
Looking for tasty bites they can eat and still stay within the confines of their weight loss programmes.

The vegan/vegetarian customer:
While the definition varies greatly, we aim to have options for your beliefs and lifestyle choices.

The medical customer:
Looking for products that can fit into their diet restrictions – wheat free, gluten free, yeast free, salt free and the dozens of other medical problems that our customers address by adjusting their diets.

The customer just looking for good food, good coffee and good tea:
Looking for tasty treats or just to pick up that cup of tea/coffee before walking the dog or heading off to work we aim to offer that same indulgent treat but without the guilt that comes with it.